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Welcome to the Multi-Scale, Multi-Hazard Architecture for Disasters and Science (MMADS) Website Wiki. Here you will find relevant information to the features of this system. We stress that this system is still in prototype form and therefore there are a number of elements of this website that are in development, have not yet been developed, or likely need some re-working and recommendations from people like you.

Missions and Goals

This Wiki provides documentation of the MMADS system, including the models, data and tools that are within this site. The purpose of this website is to provide open, easy access to data, tools and networking for environmental hazard professionals, governments, public and private sector agencies, and the general public to make informed decisions about landslides, floods and other hazards. This site is designed purely as a research and data dissemination tool and should not be construed in any way as providing actionable alerts, warnings or other operational tools for disaster response or forecasting.

Map and Site Navigation This Wiki is under construction so many of the pages still need to be built to explain the data, models and tools available on the MMADS website. The pages that are currently available are shown below:

- Hazard Event and Editing Tools
    o Global Landslide Catalog
    o Event Editing System
    o Landslide Category Explanations
    o Exporting Data
    o Citing Data
- Landslide Susceptibility Maps
    o Documentation
    o Exporting Data
    o Citing Data
- Landslide Nowcasts
    o Documentation
    o Exporting Data
    o Citing Data
- Precipitation Data
    o TRMM Documentation
    o GPM Documentation
    o Exporting Data
    o Citing Data
- FAQs
- Terms and Conditions

Getting Access

Before you can export or add data to the MMADS system you need to register (we provide a number of different log in options). You will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions of using this site available under the "Profile" tab once you log into the system. PLEASE make sure you read the Terms and Conditions of using this site, specifically with respect to exporting and adding data. You are required to agree to these Terms and Conditions prior to any activity.

About Us

This system was developed by several researchers at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and affiliated contractors and is supported by several NASA grants, including:

- SERVIR Applied Sciences Team (NNH11ZDA001N-SERVIR), Landslide Hazard Assessment and Forecasting System using near real-time remote sensing information over SERVIR-Mesoamerica. D. Kirschbaum (Project Investigator)

- Grants NNH05ZDA001N-AIST and NNH08ZDA001N-AIST focused on developing Sensor Web capabilities

- Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO) at NASA to develop the foundation of the Open Geosocial API that is supporting the MMADS site.

This is a work in progress. Please contact the lead scientist, Dr. Dalia Kirschbaum, with any science questions. Contact information is available at the MMADS website in the "Contacts" link.

Citing this work

This system is currently in development. Current citation information is provided at: Citation.